Brand Your Business with Consistency

We all want to be remembered, and those who succeed know one thing: Consistency is the key.

“A report from Forrester says that 95% of customers use three or more channels to connect with a company in a single service interaction,” according to Grammarly Business.

To get people’s attention, you need several routes and types of interaction.

Businesses that brand consistently are 3.5x more likely to get strong brand visibility than inconsistent brands.

How do you brand more consistently?

7 Top Tips to Stay Branded

1. Brand Consistency.

There needs to be a similar message and experience for your brand.

Brand consistency is important for every business because it directly and immediately impacts the perception of your brand and company, both internally and externally.

If it’s not consistent, it causes mistrust among your customers, which causes them not to want to do business with you.

2. Remember the Rule of 7.

Marketers need an average of seven contacts (or touches, impressions, or interactions) to turn a prospective buyer into an actual buyer, according to Eyal Katz of

Of course, you don’t need to take it literally but remember it takes several contacts to reach a potential customer.

3. Use Paid and Organic Material.

Engage customers with ads, but make sure you add your own worthwhile content. Start a conversation about business or strategies with your potential customers to keep yourself in the front of their minds.

4. Create a Great Website and Keep it Updated.

Make sure your website represents your business well and that it goes well with the printed marketing you do. It takes about 50 milliseconds (0.05 seconds) for people to form an opinion about your website, according to IWD Magazine.

5. Build Your Brand With Every Effort.

No matter what avenues you use to promote your business, you will need to be consistent. Make sure the images are similar, the logo is sharp, and the message is the same.

6. Keep the Same Tone and Voice.

When you create your copy for social media, print, or even the spoken word, ensure the tone is the same. If you want to be taken seriously, make sure the style is professional. If you are a fun, dynamic business, use those words. Just make it consistent.

7. Send Direct Mail.

Direct mail has a more believable delivery. Therefore, people are apt to read it and believe it, which leads to more sales for you.

Whatever you do to be consistent, know that we are consistently here for your printed marketing efforts. We are on time, reliable, and produce high-quality pieces.

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