What's in a Name?

Bottom Line Digital Communications is about a lot of different printing and marketing services, all of which are geared to present you and your business in the best way possible. That’s why our logo is a bright-eyed mustachioed smile face.

Or is it?

The name “Bottom Line” has its roots in the owners’ family history. The grandmother of Phil Hemingway and Chris Hemingway Jones was a determined, opinionated, but gracious and fun-loving matriarch who was known to relatives and close friends as Tootsie. Her real name was Gladys Belmont Mitchell. As is the case with most family nicknames, things happen. “Gladys” became perverted to “Glad Ass,” a handle which oh-so-easily turned a corner and transmogrified into “Happy Bottom.”

In honor of this woman who had such an indelible influence on our lives, and because we take pride in being a family business, we named the corporation of which Bottom Line is a part “Happy Bottom, Inc.” back in 2006. When it came time to christen our digital communications business, well, “Bottom Line” just seemed a natural fit.

Needless to say, our brand has evoked discussion, and a lot of good-hearted laughs. That’s what families are all about.

And now you know the rest of the story!


is the Highest


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Phil does not sit in his presidential office chair and ‘preside,’ he holds sway over planning and development, IT, software architecture and systems integration. He has more hands than a Hindu deity. The technology behind Bottom Line Digital Communications isn’t ‘plug-and-play.’ Phil has custom-constructed every aspect of our automated marketing, research-gathering and production menu. He is intimately involved in all Bottom Line projects and does everything possible to give clients more than what they expected.


Phil Hemingway


Don’t let the title fool you: Chris takes charge of everything that nobody else will touch in a million years. Of course, if you need a quote or estimate, she is the one who puts all the pieces together. She also sends the invoices, pays the bills and makes sure the rent is paid. Who wants to do that? Her opinion on all aspects of planning, marketing, advertising and production is highly valued, and she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. Best point: As a former teacher she knows how to deal with children. Worst point: She sings to herself while working.


Chris Jones


With 40 years of experience as a graphic designer, copywriter and advertising professional, Nat has the tools it takes to present your business in the best light possible. He is also an actor, which means it’s up to you to determine whether he is really the genius he says he is, or just portraying one. We hope you’ll go with the former option. His job is to turn the spotlight on you, build an offer based on the research we have gathered, and to help deliver added value and maximum return on your marketing dollar.


Nat Jones


Managing relationships is what Leigh does. She’s been doing it for over twenty years with corporate customers across the country and across the Atlantic. She talks, she dickers, she deals, and she works to find effective solutions and to form collaborative partnerships with businesses large, small and in-between. She also makes delicious cakes and pastries that are to die for. Leigh will make it her business to know every layer of your business and how to present what you do in the most mouth-watering way. Sweetening the deal is her art.


Leigh Hemingway


If it weren’t for Cathy, Bottom Line’s reputation for efficiency would come crashing down, and our business and personal lives would be rendered meaningless. There would also be no good jokes. There’s a lot of machinery at Bottom Line and Cathy knows set-up, printing, binding, folding, tabbing, quality control, not to mention every nut and bolt. She is more than a mere operations manager. She is a Gizmo Whisperer.


Cathy Donato


Raebecca Miller


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