7 Direct Mail Strategies Based on Social Media

Direct mail has been around for as long as businesses have been around. Still, social media is relatively new in our world.

With that said, there are some things to learn from social media when producing direct mail. Take a look.

7 Direct Mail Strategies Based on Social Media

1. Test Direct Mail with Social Media.

You can use social media as a trial for your direct mail.

Before you print out a postcard, try using the graphics and text online on a social media post. Then see how the public responds to it.

2. Introduce Direct Mail Pieces.

Use social media to announce your upcoming direct mail. Try telling customers to look in their mailbox for special offers, catalogs, coupons, and deals.

3. Do It Often.

Social media has taught us that people like to see your information several times before responding, and this is true of direct mail as well. So, send out regular postcards, flyers, or mailers.

4. Ask For the Sale.

Social media is excellent for offering deals and coupons and asking for a call to action. When creating direct mail, we need to have a call to action to follow up with customers.

5. Find Your Target Customer.

When you use social media, you can see who responds.

There are lists available for direct mail that will do the same thing. Find your perfect customer and send them regular mail to boost sales.

6. Build Credibility.

Direct mail has more credibility than online ads.

Digital has come a long way in building trust, but consumers still cite credibility as a significant stumbling block.

7. Announce New Products to Customers.

Digital media regularly promotes new items, but it’s also not as in-depth as direct mail.

According to USPS, 54% of people surveyed tried a new product or business in six months in 2020 because they received a mail piece.

There are great ways to market your business online, but direct mail is still essential, and it makes people feel more confident in making buying decisions.

And if you are up for some new printed pieces, we’re here for you. Reach out today!